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Hello! Apakabar? Please tell us about yourself
Halo Eventbanget, I am super good ? Asoka is a man with a big smile and laugh and have a lot of passions and an open minded one.

What do you think about traveling?
Traveling is one of the best thing in the world, why is that? because you will always learn about something about city or country, their culture, their habit, norms etc. Each time when I go back from places it seems like i have a big “backpack” of knowledge, pictures, emotions and feelings its enriching me a lot.

And then, what about kekayaan alam dan pariwisata di Indonesia ?
Well, I must say Indonesia is a very beautiful country, their countless language, culture, natural wonders always left me speechless every time i visit certain places.

Apa yang bikin kamu jatuh cinta dengan kegiatan kamu sekarang ini
One thing for sure, traveling, giving me new perspective and meaning about life.

Seriously i’m a bit envy karena pasti banyak juga dari anak muda yang ingin jalan jalan exploring alam Indonesia tapi terbatas dengan waktu dan juga budget. Sebenernya trip kamu ini range budget dan waktu yang dibutuhkan biasanya berapa sih?
depends on the destination, like the East part of Indonesia you need spend extra amount of money its quiet expensive but its all worth it.

Then uangnya dari mana? Apakah nabung sendiri atau memang ada sponsor yang cover jalan jalan kalian ini?
Most of them with my own dime.

Lanjut ya, untuk Asoka sendiri ini nih yang unik menurut team eventbanget. alasannya apa sih suka pergi bareng sama followersnya? Kenapa bisa kepikiran untuk ngajak followersnya pergi bareng Asoka?
1. The local people tend to know the places better than anyone else.
2. I love to meet with new people, hear their stories (one of my favourite things)
3. Feels like you have a new family

Ada ngga tempat yang memorable banget? Either it’s a very good or even very bad place you have visited. Tell us why you choose that place
Flores, This place for sure one of the most beautiful-amazing-breathe-taking-peaceful place ive ever seen and most I-cant-believe-this-place-exist! you need to see on my instagram feed @Asokaremadja haha

And what about the experience? Ada ga kejadian yang ga akan pernah dilupain seumur hidup?
hmmmmmm climbed to the highest and dangerous peak at mount Merapi, Pucuk Tusuk Gigi, its one of the best feeling ever, gazing the surroundings, woooooohhhh i have mixed feeling every time i think about that place.

Last, tempat mana lagi yang ingin kamu explore setelah ini dan tempat yang paling banget kamu explore?
RAJA AMPAT dan Taman Nasinal Teluk Cendrawasih

Ada ngga tempat yang menurut kamu berpotensi namun pengelolaannya itu kurang?
most of them, Mountain such as Rinjani, Merbabu, Semeru the surroundings and the view is breathtaking but there are so many garbage (plastic, tissue, cigarette butt, bottle) scattered around. make the entrance fee a bit expensive!

Last, Your life quotes?
even if you are in a worst day of your life, dont forget to share others happiness and joy.

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